Interview with Ministry of Sound’s LA Bomba resident DJ JOSE

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The DJ Interview with Ministry of Sound’s LA Bomba resident DJ JOSE

How long have you been dj-ing for?
I’ve been doing it since 1999, I used to run a record shop. So people used to ask me to DJ at parties etc so it’s kind of how it all started for me.
Have you always been a music lover?
Yes I’ve always been a music lover and always around music. Many people are DJs and have other jobs outside but since I started I’ve been earning my living out of being a DJ for the last 12 years. I want everything I do to be related to music somehow. I’ve been lucky because where I come from in Venezuela is not like the UK.

What kind of music did you grow up listening to in Venezuela?
I actually listened to a lot of House music, as a teenager I would go to a lot of house parties and at that time it was the whole Technotronic thing and later what they called Acid House. You are probably too young to remember that music!
What is your speciality?
In the UK I champion Reggaeton especially but the whole Latin/African House sound is really taking off over here. Reggaeton is really big here now, in urban clubs they play Dancehall and Reggaeton and hip hop. I still love House music, I like music that makes people dance. I like to move with the times, I don’t jump on every new trend but there is a side of me that likes to experiment with the music of the time.
Reggaeton is huge – who are the biggest Reggaeton stars at the moment?
There are quite a few up and coming like Cosculluela – these guys are gonna take it to a whole new level, they are like r&b singers but on Reggaeton beats – the girls love them! Of course people like Daddy Yankee, Pitbull have also helped bring Reggaeton into the mainstream.
You are a resident at La Bomba, why has it become such a popular night?
The UK has a very mixed clubbing crowd but because of violence associated with Hip hop a lot of those types of raves became tarnished. I think La Bomba is bringing back the sexiness, a couple of years ago that is what Hip hop clubs did but now La Bomba does that. It is an urban night but we’ve taken the edge off it and have put in the sexiness! Anyone can come down it’s for everyone; just come to party and everyone will enjoy it. We play UK Funky House and Latin House, so it makes La Bomba very unique.
Where is your favourite place to play in the world?
I have played in many places now including Hong Kong and South Africa but I like playing in Ireland, Irish people like to party! I’m happy playing anywhere!

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